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Partners Upstream Solutions has developed relationships with a number of leading software vendors and developers operating in chemical and scientific computing.

CambridgeSoft Corporation

CambridgeSoft Logo

CambridgeSoft Corporation develops, markets and supports high-quality desktop and Internet applications for chemists and engineers. Its principal product is CS ChemOffice, a software suite that integrates chemical structure drawing, molecular modeling and analysis, and chemical information management. Upstream Solutions licensed its 1H- and 13C- NMR shift prediction modules to CambridgeSoft, which is available as ChemNMR in ChemOffice or as standalone.

Chemical Concepts

Chemical Concepts Logo

Chemical Concepts is a leading development and distribution company of spectroscopic software systems and spectral libraries. For their important software package SpecInfo, Upstream Solutions provides structure elucidation tools for structure/spectra consistency checks and 1H-NMR shift prediction for example. Chemical Concepts acts as distributor for Upstream Solution's scientific software products as well.

Arizona State University (USA)

Arizona State University

Prof. M.E. Munk
is internationally known as an expert in structure generator theory and implementation. A well known product in this field is Assemble. Upstream Solutions has developed a graphical user interface for Assemble and also implemented automatic constraint generation capabilities. Furthermore, ranking modules will improve efficiency of data handling. Assemble is exclusively licensed to Upstream Solutions and is distributed as UpSol Assemble 2.0.

ETH Zurich

ETH Zuerich

Prof. E. Pretsch
and his co-workers are well-known worldwide for their expertise in computer aided structure elucidation and chemical sensors. There is a close partnership and know-how transfer between ETH and Upstream solutions in developing new algorithms for structure elucidation problems and intellgent sensor systems.

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